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Panawe Batanado Describes How Cloud Computing Has Changed the IT Job Market

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Before cloud computing, businesses had to offer relocation when placing an ad in the IT job market for a new software developer or IT manager. Now, businesses that implement cloud computing can offer telecommuting and outsourced jobs to IT contractors in the market for freelance and independent contractor positions. Cloud computing puts the business processes “in the cloud,” so IT managers and business owners can hire contractors from all over the world. The contractors can log in to the virtualized network and manage hardware and servers, and software developers can create new software applications from anywhere in the world.

Outsourced Projects and Software Development for Business Owners

Panawe Batanado, a software engineer, educator, and expert in developing supply chain software, believes that businesses that do not have the funds to hire a full-time programmer must find more affordable ways to hire a software developer. Businesses can easily take advantage of the thousands of freelance developers available thanks to cloud computing.  Freelance software developers charge a fee for creating a cloud computing application, and the business owner does not need to incur the high cost of having a full-time developer on staff. This type of IT job is beneficial for both the business owner and the software developer in the IT job market. The developer can obtain jobs all over the world, and the business owner can reduce the cost of software development for the company. 

In addition to the software development savings, business owners and IT managers also reduce the cost for office space and employee benefits. An outsourced employee has his own insurance and benefits, and there is no need for the employee to go into the office and use company resources for work. “In addition to reducing cost for the company, this process makes the jobs of managers significantly easier,” stated Panawe Batanado.  

More Jobs and Opportunities for Software Developers and Cloud Computing Experts

The IT job market used to require an IT specialist to move to a city with several IT jobs to find work. IT experts who lived in a city with sparse IT jobs needed to relocate to new cities to begin the job hunt. Cloud computing is usually virtual, so an IT expert can find work, even if he or she must work from home. This type of virtualized office has increased opportunities for IT people all over the world.

According to Forbes Magazine, cloud computing has offered the following positions for specialists with the right knowledge:

·      Cloud specialist

·      Cloud computing architect

·      Lead cloud computing software developer

·      Cloud computing system engineer

·      Cloud alliance manager

·      Virtual and cloud computing subject matter expert

These positions are available at cloud computing companies, because they need someone to manage resources outside of the internal business environment. Although the cloud computing industry has changed the face of the IT job market, IT professionals can still find jobs within their expertise in cloud software development and cloud server management.  Panawe Batanado and many other IT professionals believe that the introduction of these jobs has provided job security even in a volatile market. 

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